Using forceps during childbirth

Using forceps during childbirth

The use of forceps during childbirth has always caused great controversy. Today it is one of the tools that are still used to facilitate removal of the baby at the time of delivery. The functionality is still achievable, although there are still mechanical forms that do not fully meet expectations, since in this case the fetus can lead to malpractice.

some deliveries They need a kind of mechanical aid and tweezers have been used to resolve a number of incidents. If it is found that the descent of the baby has good solvency, then nothing will be applied mechanically, but if the delivery is exceeded and the time of expulsion is prolonged, it is necessary to apply the tongs, suction cup or spatula.

When are tweezers used?

Its use is indicated only in cases where there is a minor complication in expulsion of the fetus during childbirth. It is shaped like two large ladles that are held like tongs. The idea is to put this structure around the baby’s head to get it out. A type of disinfectant and lubricating gel is applied so that the total expulsion from your body can be much more bearable.

There are several reasons that can cause this mechanical movement. The expulsion phase can be helped in some of these cases:

  • There are deliveries that are precious in time, slows ejection after several hours of pushing. In such a case, the delivery does not take place and the baby is already engaged. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to perform a cesarean section and the expulsion is required to be vaginal.
  • The mother-to-be may be too tired to keep pushing, so it requires a little help.
  • There are women who also have a health problem to be able to push hard and eventually become dangerous. For example, a heart problem.
  • When it is found that the baby may suffer from a low oxygen supplywith an altered heart rate or showing signs of stress.

Using forceps during childbirth

How are tweezers used?

the pliers they are the alternative way to attend childbirth. There is no need to use it just because you can wait until the last minute to be able to use it with full warranty and necessity.

It will be used when it is observed that the baby has progressed far enough through the birth canal and has reached 10 centimeters dilation. The fetus must be completely embedded in the pelvis so that the expulsion can be performed by this type of route.

But if it turns out the baby is already very low, the use of the suction cup is recommended. It is another much smoother and softer mechanism that offers the possibility not to injure the baby’s head.

The curved part of the forceps is placed over the baby’s head. The mother will be asked to help push when the contraction comes, this way the expulsion can be facilitated much better.

When the correct position is reached, the rotation of the body is completed to to a much more achievable output. Together with the cooperation of the contraction and pushing, the output can be supplemented by the force applied with the forceps.

Using forceps during childbirth

Are there any risks to using it?

Using pliers It should be used by an experienced physician. This way, all vaginal deliveries will be safe with this type of technique, although there may be some risks involved.

Mother can suffer more severe tears in the vagina, where his recovery would take longer. In addition to this fact, she would have problems urinating or defecating after giving birth.

In case of baby head can be deformed into a cone shape;, or swelling or bruising. It would only be necessary to let it resume for a few days so that its shape and appearance take on a natural shape. The baby’s facial muscles can also be affected by the pressure of the forceps on the nerves.

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