Can children drink alcohol-free beer?

alcohol-free beer

Sometimes kids want to grow up too soon and do things that aren’t theirs because it makes them feel like adults. That children have that feeling is not a bad thing, it is something very natural. The problem comes when they are allowed to do certain things to please them, what can be harmful to them. leave them among them have coffee sometimes or let them drink alcohol-free beer.

Two drinks for adults only, but that’s true? the question arises whether children can drink alcohol-free beer. Because the name basically tells us that it contains no alcohol. But is it really so? Today we will go into this topic in detail so that you always know what is given to children and whether it can be harmful to them.

How much alcohol is in a 0.0 beer?

First of all, we should mention that the main problem lies in the misconception that it is a non-alcoholic drink. So it can be given to children who think it is like a soft drink. But this is all wrong, almost all beers also those called 0.0 and also ‘without’ contain a small amount of alcohol, albeit a very small percentage. Therefore, no child under the age of 18 should drink beer, even sporadically, even if it is a drink that is initially alcohol-free. If we specify this a little more, we have to specify that the 0.0 beer has an alcohol content of 0.04 or less, but it does. It is true that it is only a small part, while in what is known as beer without, the percentage that can be achieved is 0.09 alcohol.

What should children drink?

Can children drink alcohol-free beer?

After what we discussed, we already have the answer. No, children should not and should not drink alcohol-free beer. Why? Well, because they all have alcohol with them and it’s not the most advisable. On the other hand, letting children drink non-alcoholic beer when they are still young, may have any impact on your future consumption of alcoholic beverages. The child may acquire a habit that in the near future becomes a bad habit associated with alcohol use. Therefore, pediatricians and specialists recommend that a person under the age of 18 in no case consume this type of drink, even if it is something sporadic.

Children have to follow a set of rules, which will change and harden as they get older. To be prepared as adults to perform in society, they must: learn to respect these rules from an early age. Therefore, if children are not allowed to drink alcohol or adult beverages, it is recommended that you abide by that rule until it is legal to do so. That way, your child will meet that obligation sooner.

What should minors drink?

Water is the healthiest drink you can give your kids. Neither non-alcoholic drinks, nor packaged juices, nor carbonated and sugary drinks. All of them contain unhealthy substances for children, they in no way provide nutrients necessary for development. Therefore, it is not something that they should consume as it is harmful to them in various ways. Although it is true that sometimes soft drinks will be available. Because while they aren’t the most beneficial, we know that when taken sporadically, they don’t have to become a bad habit for your health.

water for children

The alcohol problem in young people

Although it is a problem for all ages when ingested in large amounts, the damage for the youngest can be very serious. Because it can be said that the brain is still forming, so when alcohol is drunk, the neurons get damaged. It is therefore worrying that minors are starting to introduce alcohol at their parties. It is said that when a young man is used to having a beer with his relatives, he is more likely to see it as a sort of routine. Which you can put into practice more often. Therefore, consumption will be increased where possible. By this we mean that it is better to keep alcohol away from the youngest in the house, talk to them clearly and practice by example.

As if that were not enough, it should also be mentioned that while it is something harmful for younger children, for young people it is not far behind. There are cases of accidents, including suicides or deaths from ethyl coma, all due to alcohol consumption. Although they don’t see it as a danger, it can lead them to these situations. So, after knowing all these reasons, it is clear to us that non-alcoholic beer is something exclusively for adults.

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