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Student on laptop with a pen and notepadThere are many higher education scholarship schemes in France, managed by various bodies, in particular by the CNOUS (National Center for University and School Works) and the CROUS (Regional Centers for University and School Works).

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Higher education scholarships based on social criteria

Most are awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Innovation and some by the Ministry of Culture. They are managed by the CROUS (regional centers for university and school works).

The procedures are carried out via the portal, section Ask for a grant or aid

Among the criteria taken into account for the calculation of the scholarship on social criteria:
• the income of the tax household,
• the number of children in the family for tax purposes,
• the distance from the place of study.

This aid is allocated according to a scale of levels to which correspond annual scholarship amounts: from level 0 bis to level 7. Payments are distributed monthly over the academic year.

To apply for a scholarship, you must compile your Student Social File (DSE) on the portal from January 15 to May 15 of the year of the final year for a return to a higher education establishment in September October.

When registering on the Parcoursup platform , the student receives an email confirming the creation of his account on

The scholarship application may be accompanied by a request for accommodation in a student hall of residence.

Merit aid

This aid can be granted to students who have obtained the baccalaureate with the mention “very good”. To benefit from this aid, the student must first submit a student social file.

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Other financial aid exists such as bank loans, honorary loans, aid from foundations or local authorities.

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