Is the second delivery early or late?

Is the second delivery early or late?

If you’re going to have the second child, you’ll definitely wonder cHow will this pregnancy go and of course how will the delivery. It is an issue that will persist with the third or even fourth child if such an effect is achieved. But one of the approaches being explored before the next pregnancy is: when it comes to advance or delay?

The reactions are very different. As a general rule, it is exposed to the fact that the woman’s body no longer undergoes certain drastic changes and is therefore better prepared for a faster delivery. However, in certain forums, women agree that the second pregnancy is usually delayed. What can we discuss before all this?

Is the second delivery early or late? What can you say?

On its scientific basis and by physical assertion it can be credited that: the second delivery is advanced. This all depends on several factors that influence the duration of the second pregnancy may be shorter.

It has been confirmed that the cervix is ​​whiter and therefore it’s harder to stay closed until the end of pregnancythan in the first pregnancy. This means that it could be one of the signs that the second pregnancy is just around the corner.

Another factor to take into account is that at the second birth the woman’s body is much easier for dilation and expulsion of the baby. It can be confirmed that the second delivery is much faster than the first due to the mother’s relaxation and her less fear of her cooperating in the delivery.

At the time of delivery, too you can advance and exceed the moment of expulsion. Unlike the first birth, there are certain qualities that make it more pleasant. In the second pregnancy, the cervix was already shortened with the first and no longer regained its original rigidity. The dilation phase and the pushing also take less time, because the fibers of the uterus can be stretched more easily.

Is the second delivery early or late?

However, the experiences of the mothers themselves during their second birth are very different. on forums we can find cases where the majority confirm that deliveries are delayed. “The opposite happened to me, my delivery was delayed. And that twins were on the way, while they should be in front”, “my first pregnancy lasted until 37 weeks and now in the second I am at 39+2 weeks. And that the gynecologist confirmed that the uterus is soft, 70% cleared and dilated 3 cm ».

Other women are right that the second pregnancy is early and even point out that it lasted a whopping 2 hours, quite a miracle! But no specific data can be given to personal statements, nor for the doctors, as each case can be completely different for each person.

Small differences between the first and second pregnancy

There are certain differences between the first and second pregnancy. A mother expecting her second child will better prepared both physically and psychologically. But the body may no longer have the same physical characteristics as the former.

Is the second delivery early or late?

blood pressure is more present and added to weight gain can cause varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Women who are older may suffer from gestational diabetes or something less common, namely: preeclampsia.

Back pain and lumbar area can be accentuated. The weight itself that increases during pregnancy and the fact that you have the first child in your arms can accentuate this discomfort much more.

At the time of delivery, the process may be easier. If the delivery is vaginal, the chances of tearing or an episiotomy are less. However, it does not mean that everything is a bed of roses, still it will be necessary to carry out the same care and rest as with the first pregnancy.

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