Normal temperature in a baby – what is it and what is a fever?

What is a baby

Knowing the temperature babies have is essential to know if they have a fever or not when you are not feeling well. High fever and temperatures are our body’s way of fighting infections. It is important to always monitor the baby’s normal temperature to make sure everything stays within the established temperature.

Today I want to talk to you about the baby’s temperature so that you can get an idea of ​​the little one’s body temperature and what it can mean. Please note that what I am going to explain to you here are not strict rules and if you see that your child is wrong or not responding as they should, You will need to see your pediatrician as soon as possible to clear up any doubts.

What is the normal temperature of a baby in the armpit?

The armpit is one of the most common areas to take temperature. For this reason, it is also one of the first questions we ask ourselves to find out what a baby’s normal temperature is. Your baby’s normal temperature should be between 36 and 37ºC. Maybe a little lower, but if it’s too lower than 36ºC it’s because your baby needs to be warmed up, he’s probably getting cold. It should also be noted that if when measuring the temperature we get 37.2 ° C, we should not be alarmed. As we mentioned before, they are approximate numbers, but not always exact.

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What happens if my baby has a temperature of 37.2ºC?

If the temperature starts at 37.6 and reaches 38ºC, then we are talking about the tenths we all know. For what your baby has “disease”ie, his temperature is a little high, but he doesn’t have a fever. So clarify that it is not considered a fever, but it is possible that it is too hot. If it is between this temperature and there are no other symptoms of cold or infection, you may need to wear less clothes, if after taking off the clothes the temperature has dropped, everything is fine, but if not, then it is possible that something is breeding.

When is a fever considered in a baby?

If your baby’s fever rises, it could be between 37.5 and 38ºCThis may be because the baby is slightly unwell, if the temperature does not continue to rise it may go away with a lukewarm bath. Instead of if he has a temperature higher than 38ºC, the baby already has a fever and he may have an infection or a viral illness that needs to be seen by a doctor, and if it is between 38ºC and 39ºC he should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

When to call the doctor if the baby has a fever?

When to call the doctor

It’s true that as soon as we see the fever added to it, we get upset. But it must be said that it is usually something that occurs often and in most cases is completely harmless. Of course, as we mentioned before, an exact rule isn’t always followed, neither for the temperature nor for too many concerns. So, you should consult your doctor if your baby is under three months of age and has a fever over 38ºC that does not go down.

If it is more than three months old, but the temperature is above 39, we should also consult it or if we see that fever lasts for several hours. Even if you have other symptoms, it is already a clear advance of a disease or even a reaction to the vaccine. It is therefore also important that we report it to your doctor. It goes without saying that when the temperature reaches 40º, it is time to go to the emergency room immediately. We already say that we don’t want to alarm and that it usually doesn’t meet these conditions.

How is temperature measured in babies?

It can be measured in the armpit or in the mouth, but in the latter case, it is recommended if the child is older than 4 years.. If you measure it in the rectum, you should know that the temperature rises half a degree more, so that you take it into account and do not throw your hands in your head. Both in the groin and in the mouth, it can reach 37.7 and remain within the established limits. That is, it wouldn’t really be considered a fever. Now you have a lot more clarity about what a baby’s normal temperature is and what really is a fever to scare us.

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