When to start shopping for babies?

When to buy baby equipment?

The time to buy things for the baby is undoubtedly one of the most special of the sweet waiting. Because it’s about shape everything the little one needs who will reach the world, which you want to fill with clothes, toys, accessories and objects that fill your life. Although many families have doubts about when to start and even what to buy.

It is wise to wait a few weeks before starting to fill the chamber that the baby will become, as unfortunately things can happen that complicate the pregnancy. Also remember that a baby coming into the world though he does it without any material possessions, all he needs is the love and food his mother gives him. That’s why you shouldn’t rush or over-buy things you don’t even need.

Things for the baby, when to start buying?

Pregnancy first days

It is quite normal to be tempted to buy things for the baby as soon as you know you are pregnant, although it is not advisable. The first weeks of pregnancy can be very tough emotionally speaking. Many fears and insecurities arise that are usually not resolved until after the first trimester, and starting to buy things can increase stress and anxiety that something will go wrong.

So a good time to start the first purchases It is after the 12 week ultrasound. That it is programmed from the start within the monitoring of the pregnancy by Social Security. In that appointment you have the conviction that Until then, everything is normal.. You are more relaxed because you can see your future baby for the first time and it is a good time to go shopping.

In the meantime, to lessen that desire to buy every cute little thing you see thinking about your baby, you can start making a list of the things you really need. This way you are prepared and can buy what you need as many moms tend to buy too much. To avoid unnecessary waste, we tell you what is essential that your baby needs in the first weeks of life.

Essentials for the baby in the first weeks

baby clothes

The first thing to think about is some clothes, but without forgetting that comfort is paramount. A newborn baby is delicate and any change of clothes can be a stressful moment if the clothes are not chosen properly. So, it is advisable to look for bodysuits and pajamas that close at the frontthat have no zippers or elements that can be annoying and always, in cotton and noble materials.

You will also need certain items, such as a mini crib to rest the baby. A portable bath will greatly facilitate bathing, and it will also be necessary to have suitable cosmetic products. You will also need to prepare some in case, such as pacifiers made of different materials and a sterilizer for the microwave that is very practical.

What should not be missing is a child seat for the car, as it must be installed when leaving the hospital to transport the baby home. And, of course, don’t forget to prepare a good arsenal of diapers, starting with size zero. Taking into account that The newborn spends an average of 10 diapers per day, It will be very convenient to have a large number of diapers.

These are the things you might need for your baby in his first weeks and where to buy baby stuff. Don’t buy too many things because the baby changes so fast that it is quite normal for half of the stuff to go unused. Go and buy some things, without neglecting the most important, which in the end is nothing more than the love and protection of the most important people for the newborn, who are mom and dad.

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