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25% of students want to start a business, but only 3% take the plunge. Are you a student and are you already thinking about setting up your box? Thanks to the status of student entrepreneur, you can reconcile studies and the project of creating or taking over a business. Discover the 5 questions you might ask yourself before you start.

Who can become a student entrepreneur?

The national student-entrepreneur status concerns students and young graduates with a project to create or take over a business. It is accessible from the moment of obtaining the baccalaureate or the equivalence in level and is aimed primarily at people under 28, the age limit for benefiting from the student social security system.

How is this status granted?

Obtaining this status depends both on the quality of the business project and that of the project leader. It is issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation after examination of the project by the commitment committee of the Pépite (Student Center for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship). If a favorable opinion is given after the study of the file, the status is issued for one academic year (September to September). The status of student entrepreneur is renewable subject to submission of a new file and opinion of the Pépite.

How to get it?

You must make the request, by sending an application file to your Nugget of attachment or to the Nugget of your choice if you are a graduate.

What are the advantages ?

If you are a student, the status allows you to make your studies and entrepreneurial project compatible thanks to timetable adjustments, ECTS credits and the possibility of replacing your internship with work on your project. You can also benefit from:

  • support from a teacher and an external referent from the Pépite network;
  • access to Pépite co-working places;
  • assistance in finding funding;
  • the possibility of signing a business project support contract (CAPE).

If you are a recent graduate, you can keep or regain your student status and the benefits associated with it, such as student social security, reduced rates and the extension of scholarships based on social criteria. You can also benefit from a diploma course in entrepreneurship and management: the D2E (student-entrepreneur establishment diploma).

Please note that registration for the D2E is optional for students in the initial course, but it is compulsory for young graduates in order to renew their student status.

Is it paying?

The status of student-entrepreneur is free, but registration for the D2E is chargeable, without being able to exceed 500 euros per year. If you benefit from scholarships based on social criteria, you may be exempt.

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