Blow up a balloon without blowing. A fun experiment!


blow up a balloon without blowing

Do you know how to inflate a balloon without blowing? Perhaps it is something that does not occur to us ‘a priori’. We’ve really got into that that we need to blow hard so that the balloon starts to take shape. But sometimes science can pleasantly surprise us. It’s time to talk about chemical reactions. These do not always have to be done in a laboratory. There are many ways to experiment with it at home using materials you almost certainly have on hand.

Do you want to explain to your children what a chemical reaction is in a simple and practical way? Pay close attention, because today I bring you an experiment for your children to discover the yeast fermentation in a fun and surprising way. The best thing is of course that you are always present, to show him step by step.

What ingredients do I need to inflate a balloon without blowing?

We’re already working on one of the experiments that will leave everyone speechless. But for starters, it’s clear that we need a set of ingredients. They are very easy to get so you will have no problem doing it. So that, thanks to the fermentation process, you will achieve the result you have proposed. What do I need for all this?

  • A bottle. The best part is that it has a narrow mouth, but you can always get the model closest to you.
  • A tablespoon of baker’s yeast. It will always be better, but if you don’t have one, a bag of chemical yeast can help.
  • a tablespoon of sugar
  • water that is lukewarm
  • a funnel if the bottle has a narrow mouth.
  • A balloon.

How to prepare the fermentation experiment?

Now that you have all the ingredients, you need to get into the process completely. To do this, we start by filling the bottle with water, but not to the brim, but about halfway. The water should not be very hot, much better if it is lukewarm, as we indicated earlier.. We already have the bottle and water, so now we start pouring the baker’s yeast into it. Try to do it by crumbling it well because as you know this product has a great consistency. Right after we add it, we need to add the tablespoon of sugar.

This is the time to stir well so that the ingredients are integrated and especially the sugar can dissolve well. At this point, it will be when you place the balloon on the top or mouth of the bottle. Within a few minutes bubbles will form in the mixture we made, and after a little more time… Surprise! The balloon starts to inflate without having to inflate. When you see that the balloon has stopped inflating, remove it and add sugar to the mixture again. Attach another balloon and watch it re-inflate.

Why can a balloon be inflated without blowing?

Now that you’ve seen how to actually inflate a balloon without blowing, thanks to yeast and that chemical reaction, it might be time to explain it further. Why is all this happening? Because the baker’s yeast, ‘saccharomyces cerevisiae’, It is a microscopic organism that obtains energy by converting sugars through a process called fermentation..

Blow up a balloon with yeast

When we buy it, the yeast is in a dormant state, but by adding water and sugar, we activate it and the fermentation reaction begins, converting the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 is a gas and is responsible for inflating the balloon. When we repeat the experiment without sugar, the yeast has nothing to feed on and thus no fermentation takes place, so no carbon dioxide is produced and the balloon does not inflate. Now try filling a bottle with just water and yeast. Watch what happens. Will the balloon inflate? After a while you will see that nothing happened.

Other options to consider

The truth is that with baker’s yeast we are already seeing what happens. But it’s true that too you can inflate a balloon by adding baking soda instead of yeast and vinegar instead of hot water. You should add a third of the bottle of vinegar. The reaction is similar, allowing you to see how the balloon inflates without having to inflate. Besides being a perfect trick for all the little ones in the house, it can also be a great help when you have to inflate a large number of balloons and you see that your lungs are not enough. Did you know about this experiment? Have you ever tried it?


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