Can they tell you it’s a boy and then be a girl?

Can they tell you it

Many parents place great importance on knowing the sex of the baby before it is born. Other parents remain curious and hope to meet you on the day of your birth. The ultrasound from week 20 can already analyze whether the baby will be a boy or a girlbut can they tell you it’s a boy and then be a girl?

The error is minimal, but there can be a series of consequences that cause an erroneous prediction to be maintained. Why is happening? A misdiagnosed data is difficult to maintain until the day of delivery, because there are several echoes that maintain that statement more than once.

Usually it happens that at the first ultrasound it is indicated that it is a boy and at the last it is confirmed that it is a girl. Or vice versa. We analyze what the reasons are and why these types of errors can exist.

Are there errors about the baby’s gender when doing routine ultrasounds?

mistakes can be madealthough the probability of committing a bad given eThere is between 5% of echoes that are practiced In other words, the success rate can range from 95%. although everything will depend on the convenience of the fetus can be seen in all echoes and the ultrasound operator’s own prediction to judge what he is observing at that moment.

At week 20 of pregnancy Clear data on the sex of the baby can already be given through a conventional ultrasound. There are gynecologists who dare to give something before week 20, within their own practice. Due to social security it is not possible to obtain this data and therefore they prefer to provide it at the right time.

Can they tell you it

At 12 weeks of pregnancy Data on the sex of the baby can already be obtained through an ultrasound, as the direction of the nodule is evaluated. If it’s pointing vertically, it’s probably a boy, but if it’s seen horizontally, it’s predicted to be a girl. Even with the opportunity to do it in week 12, it is better to wait until week 20 for more specific and related data.

Can the baby change sex during pregnancy?

The answer is no. From the moment of conception, the baby already contains all the genetic information to develop, It is the moment when it is determined whether it will be a boy or a girl. Therefore, the sex does not change during pregnancy. The fact that an imaging test is done and it is observed whether it is a boy or a girl will be a moment that coincides with the confirmatory view of the gynecologist.

Getting the baby’s sex right will depend on the position of the fetus next to other structures, sometimes what isn’t, or makes you doubt your prognosis. There is more chance of confusion if it is said to be a boy and then it turns out to be a girl. But there have been all kinds of things, there are also many cases where it is found that it is a girl and then it is a boy.

Can they tell you it

A blood test determines whether it will be a boy or a girl

Today there is a test where: the mother’s blood is needed to know the sex of the baby. The extraction is not invasive at all and the baby will not feel anything. The result has a high confidence index and can be performed at 8 weeks of gestation.

This test is performed by analyzing fetal DNA free present in the maternal plasma. When examining the maternal blood, the sex is verified, if the SRY gene appears (present on the Y chromosome) it is male. It will also be tested for the presence of the SRY gene.

This test is paired with couples who: they need to know the sex of the baby under all circumstances, including their own doubts about not being able to adequately predict sex using ultrasound. Other cases are associated when they need to know because of a family history of genetic diseases.

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