Colic In Babies – What Are They And How Do You Know If You Have Baby Colic?

colic in babies

Colic in babies is one of the most common, but also annoying for fathers, mothers and children. It is said that one in four babies suffers from it during the first months of life. With only a few weeks left to live, the baby may already be showing signs of having it, but how do you know if he has infantile colic?

Your digestive system is still quite immature, so it takes some time to develop and therefore baby colic will be the most common during this process as we go along. Before we throw our hands in our heads and lose our patience, it is always useful to consider some advice and besides, you can always trust your trusted doctor who will help you thanks to your Health insurance.

What is baby colic?

Baby colic is one of the most annoying phases that occurs during the first weeks. Among the causes, we can name several, because it does not always occur in just one. On the one hand, it is said that this is due to the fact that their digestive system is not yet fully developed, although it can also be due to not properly expelling belching after eating and also due to various allergies. Anyway, they are usually presented by desperate cries due to abdominal pain that babies have for this reason.

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What is the difference between gas and colic?

From the second week of life, which already occurs more often in the third, colic appears until just over the third month. Whereas when we talk about gases, they can appear at different times in your life and not just those very specific weeks. Perhaps that is the main difference, but there are others and it is useful to know them in order to distinguish them perfectly and act concisely.

the gases

It is a collection of air in the gut, which usually appears because of what is ingested or because that gut is already causing it. And yes, it will also cause some pain or discomfort if held. In the case of babies, it is something that often occurs because of how they eat and when they cry. Because the air can enter in a more intense way.


Cramps usually appear in the last hours of the day and they are characterized by disconsolate crying that lasts for hours, that is repeated several days a week, and it seems that nothing calms him. So it is always useful to know these differences to get to the root of the problem and find the best solution.

How to get rid of colic in babies?

How do you know if you have baby colic?

Although more than 40% of babies suffer from childhood colic, it is true that each case can be unique. Still, we’ll tell you that to recognize colic, we’ll tell you that they usually start at the same time or time of day. Her crying starts out of the blue, but is quite heartbreaking. In addition, the baby is very agitated and even turns very red., as a general rule. He usually squirms, closes his hands and despairs. Yes, it is very complicated for them, but especially for the fathers or mothers who see him suffer and who suffer with them too.

What Causes Colic in Children?

How to relieve childhood colic?

Those who have experienced it know that it is very complicated to calm this type of colic in babies. But they can always be improved, which is why you should follow a series of tips to put into practice:

  • First of all, both the father and the mother, must stay calm. Because despair in both can aggravate the situation.
  • Try to rock it in a soft way. If this doesn’t calm him down, let him walk by picking him up and changing his position to try to calm him down faster.
  • Abdominal massages. It is one of the best remedies at our disposal. We can always do a gentle massage clockwise. Also, combine it by raising your legs slightly and bending your knees toward your stomach.
  • The warm water. The bath in warm water It is always one of the tips that will help the baby to relieve that pain.
  • try to post it face down yaa do a gentle massage all over your back.
  • How about some music? It’s a way to relax them, although they don’t all react in the same way. Try to combine the musical theme with one of the massages mentioned by us.

Just tell you to arm yourself with patience and, although it is sometimes a bit complicated, colic in babies when they arrive, they also go away.

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