The 4 types of jeans you want to take your kids to school

types of jeans

We will go back to school in September. A great time to show off our tan and show off the best outfits. How? With the good jeans.

Yes, there are endless possibilities within the woman jeansbut today we show you 4 different types of cut those will be your great allies for back to school.

Push up jeans

Push Up Jeans was born with the sole purpose of: improve the figure of the one who wears them. A trouser model with which we can show our legs, but also our buttocks. We can’t deny it, pushups have become a basic and wardrobe staple.

jeans push up jeans

This is a pair of pants that can make a look the best of the outfit with little effort. If we also combine them with a skinny cut, tight legs and medium waist, we will get a most stylized and elegant outfit to leave our children in school and live in our day to day in September.

High Waist Pants

known as high waist pants, are the most versatile jeans we can find in terms of the silhouettes they prefer. In addition, we cannot deny that of all women’s jeans, the High Rise is one of the most elegant, modern and versatile jeans, because it is possible to wear them with more casual pieces or more elegant blouses.

wide jeans

They’ve been with us for a long time and it doesn’t look like they intend to leave. The baggy are characterized by: have wide legs, baggy style. Although they vary, they usually have a high waist, but rather a low waist. They match our silhouette with an elasticated waist or with belts.

These jeans were so well received that they spawned other trends such as the tapered jeans, a kind of hybrid between baggy and skinny jeans.

In the case of baggy, they especially prefer women who want to extend their legs optically. They are also ideal for straight bodies as they help us create and define the curves of the body with more visual power.

The Bootcut Jeans

If there’s any pants that hit hard, it’s them boot cut jeans. It’s our last bet for September; and it is a very interesting cut.

The name comes from English: boot and cut. these trousers It’s tight around the knees. Then it gradually widens from the calf to the ankles. The name is given because it looks like we are wearing boots underneath, or at least it remains as it would be if we were wearing them.
Who are bootcut jeans suitable for? Well, to be fair, the vast majority of the bodies we find. However, it especially prefers the most robust and round bodies, including hourglass, triangular or inverted triangular bodies.

The fact that the pants are wider at the ankles creates a visual harmony when the hips and thighs are wider.

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