Comparison of the 10 best life insurance policies for 2022!

Comparison of the 10 best life insurance policies for 2022!

Life insurance is the preferred investment of the French. It must be said that there is no shortage of assets!

This investment medium allows many individuals to secure and optimize their savings, but also, for some of them, to grow them with more or less risk. In this file, we invite you to discover our selection of the 10 best life insurance policies on the market in 2022. And to support you in your project, we present the selection criteria that should attract your attention in order to allow you to take out the best life insurance contract for you!

What criteria was our selection of the 10 best life insurance policies for 2022 based on?

To present our selection of the 10 best life insurance policies in 2022, we based ourselves on several essential criteria.

  • The solidity and reliability of the insurer : even if lesser-known brands can offer interesting contracts, we have chosen the best life insurance policies among trusted, stable, reliable, efficient, recognized and solid insurers.
  • Limited costs : insurers are free to apply the pricing conditions of their choice. Some attract their customers by offering good profitability, limited entry fees or even attractive management fees, but they accumulate hidden costs. Expensive life insurance is to be avoided, which is why we have selected quality products with limited costs.
  • A secure return : we have selected products that offer an attractive fund in euros in order to enable contracting parties to secure their savings through guaranteed capital.
  • A good choice of units of account for a better performance : Units of account (UA) offer better performance, but they also present more risks. To maximize your investment and return opportunities, we have selected offers that offer a large selection of quality UCs.
  • Easier management : it is important that the investor can easily manage his contract and carry out his various operations easily, by email or through an expert accessible online or by telephone. The selected brands offer this possibility.
  • Piloted management : free management is interesting for investors who have mastered the field of life insurance, but management piloted by experts prevents the most amateur from making mistakes. We have therefore selected quality and accessible offers from experts.

What are the 10 best life insurance companies in 2022?

Here is our selection of the 10 best life insurance policies in 2022:

  1. Yomoni : 1.3% to 1.6% return in funds in euros and 3.7% to 22.7% return in units of account;
  2. B for Bank : 1.35% return in funds in euros and 3.4% to 21.32% return in units of account;
  3. Nalo : 1.11% to 1.7% return in funds in euros and 2.6% to 17.8% return in units of account;
  4. Fortuneo Banque : 1.3% to 1.8% return in funds in euros and 5.61% to 13.34% return in units of account;
  5. Easy Vie : 1.1% return in funds in euros and 13.31% return in units of account;
  6. Cashbee : 0.6% return in funds in euros and 5.36% to 12.26% return in units of account;
  7. Mon Petit Placement : 12% return in units of account;
  8. : 1.0% to 2.9% return in funds in euros and 2.9% to 4.75% return in units of account;
  9. Linxea : 1.9% return in funds in euros;
  10. : 1.8% return in funds in euros.

This is a list of the best offers of the moment. It should be emphasized, however, that current performance does not guarantee future performance. Avoid relying solely on the returns offered to make your choice of life insurance contract.

Where to find the best life insurance policy in 2022?

The best life insurance policy is not the right choice for everyone. Why ? Simply because there is no real top-ranking deal, as each product has different pros and cons to be aware of. The offers that we have listed for you have been selected according to multiple criteria, which testifies to the fact that there is not an ideal contract. The best life insurance for you is one that meets your unique needs and your unique plan.

To find the best life insurance policy for you, you can turn to several sources:

  • a bank ;
  • an insurance company;
  • a general agent who markets the products of a company that appoints him;
  • an insurance broker;
  • a wealth management advisor;
  • a financial adviser;
  • an association of savers, etc.

Life insurance: how to choose the best contract?

As we have said, the best life insurance policy will be the one that meets your needs, your profile and your plans. To make your choice, you must therefore define your objectives and your investment strategy, but also take into account the following criteria which will help you find the best contract.

The price list

Each insurer can apply the tariffs of its choice. On the other hand, you should know that these are not to be neglected, because they have a direct impact on your overall performance. Some contracts are attractive, but they accumulate hidden costs. However, the more numerous and important the costs, the more they reduce your return.

Consequently, it is preferable to select contracts that offer a lighter price list. Beware of too attractive formulas, which can hide hidden costs. You need to study each offer in detail to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are the costs you need to analyze:

  • management fees , which are applied by the experts managing your contract;
  • entry and exit charges , which are applied when a contract is opened and closed (the latter being rarely applied or easily negotiable);
  • deposit fees , which are applied when you deposit a financial contribution into your account (they are rarely applied);
  • switch fees , which are applied when you change the composition of your investment portfolio;
  • investment support fees , which correspond to the remuneration that your managing broker receives, in the form of a commission.

The diversity of offers

A good life insurance contract must offer you a wide and diversified offer. There are two main categories of life insurance contracts:

  • funds in euros , which are not very profitable, but which guarantee the starting capital;
  • units of account (UC) , in the form of shares, bonds, UCITS or others, which are more efficient, but also less stable, with the risk of losing the capital invested.

Ideally, it is preferable that the proposed contract combines funds in euros and units of account in order to allow you to diversify your investment and to optimize your performance possibilities with a measured degree of risk. The more diversified a contract is, the more attractive it is.

Client service

In addition to the first points which are essential criteria in the choice of a good life insurance contract, customer service is another determining parameter. Indeed, it is essential for any investor to have a quality customer relationship. Insurer contacts must be quickly accessible, available, responsive, but also real experts in their field. They are the ones that will allow you to achieve your investment goals and maximize your performance, which is why this criterion should not be left to chance.

Here are the criteria to study in order to evaluate the performance of a customer service:

  • the time amplitude , because it is important that your contacts are available at all times, including weekends;
  • the available channels , because it is essential that your interlocutors offer you multiple sources of contact (physical meetings, telephone exchanges, exchanges by email, social networks, chat, etc.);
  • a dedicated adviser , because you benefit from a quality interlocutor who knows your contract, but also your profile and your objectives.

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