The different types of insurance: life insurance, group insurance, etc.

Taking out insurance is more than a necessity in view of the advantages it offers. It is a preventive practice that allows the insured to anticipate any situations that may arise. It is a benefit that is offered when an unexpected or unexpected event occurs in the life of the insured. This financial service for most of the time can be granted to an individual, an association or a company. Depending on the type of activity you carry out or according to your needs, you can subscribe to this or that type of insurance.

What are the different types of insurance?

There are 4 major insurance groups to which you can subscribe. Individual insurance, group insurance, property insurance and activity insurance. Each insurance group has several types of insurance .

  • Individual insurance: these concern pension insurance, death and disability insurance, complementary health insurance, key home insurance, life insurance. This insurance covers risks caused by natural persons. We can give as an example the famous  life insurance MAAF
  • Group insurance: these apply to associations. Thus, a distinction is made between collective provident insurance, collective retirement insurance, employee savings, collective insurance for severance pay.
  • Property insurance: they take care of the protection of real estate, automobiles, furniture, etc. against damage that occurs unintentionally. This being the case, a distinction is made between car insurance, multi-risk insurance, motorcycle insurance, car fleet insurance, premises insurance, goods insurance, etc.
  • Activity insurance: they cover damage caused by a company activity. Thus, we can cite the ten-year guarantee, civil liability insurance, legal protection insurance, professional activity insurance, etc.

Each type of insurance has a range of guarantees and this is what motivates the insured. Accidents, illnesses, retirement, possession of property are all things that anyone can be subject to at any time. Insurance, whatever its type, assists individuals in the event of difficulty or incapacity.

The benefits of taking out insurance

Insurance is an essential element when living in society. The human being faces several situations that can happen randomly, but insurance is a better alternative to manage unforeseen events . That said, when you are insured, you can be paid for health costs, become the owner of a property, drive your vehicle with complete peace of mind, maintain an acceptable standard of living in the event of disability, manage a business, benefit from holiday without worrying about a canceled flight, taking care of the needs of his family in the event of death, etc.

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