How much porridge should the baby eat according to his age?

How much porridge should the baby eat?

Up to 6 months, the baby feeds exclusively on breast milk. So we know you will meet your needs with this. But when we are six months old, we start with meals in the form of purees or solids. That is, a change is presented and before that new doubts for the mothers or fathers. How much porridge should the baby eat?

Perhaps we will see that he eats little, that he remains hungry and because of all this we are going to enter endless fears. While it’s something we shouldn’t value too much, we do need to consider the amount of porridge the baby needs to eat. Because only in this way can we breathe easy, knowing that the little ones are well fed.

How much porridge should a baby eat?

Before we get to the actual amounts, we need to clear up a few things. On the one hand, discuss all the steps to take with your pediatrician, although in most cases he will be the one to tell you when you can start changing your child’s diet. It is clear that the baby’s nutrition is something very important and that We need to discuss this with the doctor so that he or she can recommend which foods to include first and in what amountalthough that will depend on the baby’s appetite. Here comes the other point to deal with as not all little ones will eat the same amount.

Amounts of food a baby needs

Each of them will have their own appetite and we need to be very clear about that before we put our hands on our heads. If it is a baby who was already quite heavy at birth, he will definitely eat more than another who was born with a low weight or is smaller at the same age. Also at certain times of their growth, hunger will not be the same. If he is teething, if you have a slight fever, etc., it will go down. It should also be mentioned that so-called ‘growth spurts’ can also make you very hungry for a few days, but not so hungry for the rest of the week. So as we can see we can’t keep the specific amount but think that there can always be variations depending on external aspects.

How much porridge should a 6 or 7 month old baby eat?

The first few weeks when it comes to changing your diet can be a bit complicated, although it doesn’t always follow this pattern. Therefore, both breast milk and, failing that, bottle feeding will continue to be present in their daily lives. As a general rule there are about 4 shots of about 210 ml. As for porridge, we’ll start with vegetables or fruits and some cereal. Although strawberries are disregarded and wheat are avoided for more than 7 months. How much quantity? Well, with a few tablespoons or three with each meal you have enough. Little by little, this will change, so it’s no time to be alarmed.

Feeding a 10 month old baby

What does an 8 month old baby eat?

In this case, milkshots are usually three, as a general rule. So we can say that the amount is around 210 ml as in previous months, as we said. In addition, there are still solid foods present and in this case they already have about five tablespoons of puree in the main meals. Even older we give you fruit in porridge and it will be about 100 grams. As we say, they are always indicative amounts that you should adjust based on your baby and his pediatrician’s recommendations.

How much mash can a baby of 9 months and older eat?

From 8 months, foods such as legumes can be introduced, as well as white meats such as chicken. By the time they are 10 months old, both fish and eggs can be present in their diet. But it is true that we should always be aware of all kinds of allergies that can occur. At this stage, the amount of food is set to 200 grams, preserving the 100 grams of the fruit. You can also give them a piece of bread or biscuits between meals, preferably those without sugar and as long as it is something punctual. Keep in mind that when they are 10 months old, the milk consumption is sometimes a bit less. At the moment it is usually only two injections a day at a rate of 225 ml.

We should not force them to eat, if we see that they eat less in a day, it is better not to stress. Unless it is due to an illness or a specific problem. As we say, it will be well fed with milk and with the amounts given every day. If you have any questions, remember that it is always better to consult your trusted doctor.

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