Basics for a capsule wardrobe for children

capsule wardrobe

The cabinet management It requires a huge dose of patience. We are not talking about placing the clothes of the adults, but of the smallest of the house, of the children. Headaches are a constant and situations of real dilemmas are faced when it comes to finding those garments that are preferred by children and that should be worn depending on the season of the year. And what solution can we find? Have you heard of the capsule cabinets? Let’s see what they consist of!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Except for those people who are very familiar with the terms of fashion, or interested in or working in this sector, the significance of a capsule wardrobe for better management of the company is certainly unknown. girls clothes. Nothing could be further from the truth, this concept does not meet today’s trends, but started to be known earlier in the 1940s.

capsule wardrobe for kids

It actually consists of making a selection of them garments that are essential in everyday life and that they can also be combined with each other. What will be the basis of? children’s clothing. This kind of philosophy has two illustrious promoters: the English designer Susie Faux and the American Donna Karan. Both made the capsule wardrobe popular. The goal is to have the greatest number of garments available for use in a very direct way.

Wear clothes according to the season of the year

The storage space for children’s clothes It is not an easy task and applying this type of command can be considered a valuable help. And whether you apply this type of order or another, planning should be considered, because the clothes of the littlest ones are usually changed every so often as they grow. The style, of course, already depends on the taste of the parents, although a series of trends always emerge every season, coinciding with the changes of the seasons, a very favorable time to reorganize that wardrobe in the nursery.

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Tips for a good capsule wardrobe

So how do we go about creating the perfect capsule wardrobe? You don’t have to make a lot of plans, just grab a set of essentials: pants, t-shirts, dresses, etc. and try that these items of clothing that are purchased can be combined with each other. Versatility is one of its strengths of a capsule wardrobe. The style should be varied: from sporty to casual and without forgetting the classic. And all the bright colors to dress up a kid with.

All garments should be reduced to a maximum of 30, although some theories allow up to 40. We don’t know if it will seem much or little, but you have to bear in mind that the capsule wardrobe, at the beginning, only allowed seven items of clothing. The selection should be made according to the season of the year. That is, in winter we need to include jackets; in summer we need to wear more comfortable and lighter clothes before the thermometers rise. The goal should also be to dress the child as quickly as possible and without forgetting any basic garment or accessory.

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