Features and benefits of Montessori beds

Benefits of Montessori beds

The Montessori philosophy it is based on promote the independence and autonomy of the child. So that you can develop and discover the world through your own experiences. To make this possible, it is necessary to adapt the house so that the child has accessible objects, such as the bed. Unlike traditional beds, which usually have a certain height and the installation of a safety fence is necessary, Montessori beds are at ground level.

Among the many advantages of this type of cot, the main ones: is that the little one has the possibility to get on and off his bed freely without danger falling down This gives the child security and helps him go to bed as he loses the fear of falling and the sense of overprotection achieved with the protective barriers. Are you thinking of a Montessori bed for your child? These are the features and benefits that you will find in this type of furniture.

What are Montessori beds?

On the one hand, it is a new concept of decoration, since it leaves the most traditional bedrooms intended for the little ones of the house. But on the other hand, and most importantly, it is a series of very low beds. This means that getting on or off is no obstacle. So that the little ones feel more independent and do not scream for their parents all the time. As we said at the beginning, you say goodbye to all kinds of protection that the most common beds had. They will be more comfortable and you will be calmer without guaranteeing their safety!

How long do Montessori beds last?

What is special about Montessori beds?

Well, we have already seen that his style is something special compared to what we were used to. But it is that in addition we can say that they also have more special advantages that you should know first hand:

  • The child has more freedom of movement.
  • As a direct result of this, they will look more independent.
  • It is very comfortable for your rest.
  • They will not cry right away in the morning because they will be the ones who can get up without any problem and without having to wait for you.
  • You can use them for several years in a row. Because they come in endless sizes and shapes.
  • They take up less than a conventional bed thanks to the effect of being on the floor.
  • Since it can be used from the first months of the baby, you can invest in it and forget about cribs.

Features of Montessori Beds

The main feature of Montessori beds is that they are evolutionary, that is, they adapt to the growth of the child. Always respect the maxim of giving the child autonomy and independence, but with the ability to adapt to the child’s new needs as they grow. Practically starting at ground level, where the child can easily get in and out of their bed.

As your child grows, you can add a higher bed, but as long as he can reach it himself. With this type of furniture, your child can sleep in his own bed from almost 4 months. In other words, you can move your child from the mini crib or co-sleeper to the child’s own bed, so that he learns to sleep alone from an early age.


Advantages of evolutionary beds

As we expected, the main advantage of Montessori beds is that it encourages the child’s autonomy, independence and decision-making. Because you can easily get in and out of your bed, he will learn to lie on it on his own initiative when he is sleepy. In addition, you will be calmer when your child is in his bed, because the danger of him falling to the floor is minimal and if he does, he will hardly suffer any damage because the bed is practically on the floor.

Today the range of Montessori beds is very complete, You can choose from many options the option that best suits your needs. Not only are they visually beautiful beds, they are also very easy to adjust, comfortable and perfect furniture for children to explore the world from their own bed.

How to make a bed in this style?

If you’re handy and have the time, you can always make your own bed. It is true that for this it is always a good idea to check the materials that we are going to use. The wood in the form of planks will be the main one, but also the main tool to be able to give it the necessary cuts, as well as the screws to adjust each of them so that it becomes the bed we expect. First we will make the structure along with the base where the mattress will go. Then you can shape it as it happens in a video like this. The satisfaction of having made it with your hands will be one of the joys you will take with you!

We are not talking about the bed itself or its materials, but rather to: how long can our baby use it?. Well, it must be said that there is no set age to put it on for the first time. In some cases it can last about three months and in other cases they start to crawl. Then they can sleep in it for a number of years, until the child grows up or you want to redecorate the room. In other words, since it is an idea that perfectly suits the tastes and needs of each of them, there is no specific age for its duration. That will always be marked by us or rather, the protagonists of the room!

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