How long to wear the medicated earring?


How long to wear the medicated earring?

Medicated earrings are intended for piercings, mainly in the earlobes. They have a special composition that makes healing is much more improved when it comes to healing the perforation that has been done.

This type of earrings can also be used in the earlobes of boys and girls and is the best option so that no complications arise. It is also indicated for adults and people who may have minor problems in the healing of the skin, In this way, infections are prevented.

Benefits of using a medicated earring

These types of earrings are increasingly used for: able to relieve many ailments and ailments. They help create many healing benefits for both children and adults.

They are made of hypoallergenic and anti-allergic materials so you have to make sure it doesn’t cause irritation, inflammation and aid in healing.

now exists on the market a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors so you can choose one with personal taste and use it until you have to remove it and replace it with the one you really like. They are quite sturdy and can be used for a long time and very often.

How long to wear the medicated earring?

In order to create this type of slope, you must: go to a specialized pharmacy or a specific center in perforations, here they will use the medicinal earrings. They generally have a wide range, but there are still people who turn to online stores to choose one according to personal taste.

How long should I wear the medicated earring?

After the incision, the recommended time for recovery this is usually the one month margin. It is the guideline recommended so that it can be replaced with another earring. In general, the advice is to change it when you really notice it already is there is no pain or stinging when handling itthis indicates that it is probably already prepared.

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The medicated earring is the best option to make a piercing, but there are specialized people who use the gold earrings to make the opening. It is recommended to use this system on infants and children. Gold is one of the best metals to reduce the risk of infection and allergic reactions. If you are not satisfied with the medicinal earring, you can immediately replace it with a gold earring.

But even with these indications, if you cannot take the medicine for various personal reasons, it is not recommended to leave the hole uncovered with an earring, It is still early to say that it has really healed and there is a risk that the perforation may close.

Therefore, you have to replace the medicinal one with a hypoallergenic one. In children or babies, gold earrings are usually used. For adults there are other alternatives such as: silver or surgical steel. However, it is necessary to continue to observe, even with the change, that the infection does not start to reappear. Then you should continue with the traditional disinfection system.

What is the treatment for a medicated earring?

It is necessary to observe during the weeks how the healing of the earring evolves. It is handy always have the area clean and with a little treatmentthis way the area will heal sooner. On the other hand, you should never force to disturb or crush the area when sleeping on that side as it will irritate the area.

The treatment and healing of perforations in babies is usually not very special. In children and adults, however, it can be much more special. You just need to wash the area and apply a disinfectant at least twice a day.

We wash our hands and choose a sterile gauze or a cotton swab. We clean the perforation with physiological serum, we rotate the earring a little and we apply the disinfectant. In this case we use a little chlorhexidine or alcohol to disinfect the area. These applications reduce the chance of an infection.


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