The Importance of Individuality in Children


Each of us is a unique being and different from the rest. That is the wonder of beings, that no two are alike. We all have our own quirks and thanks to that we can be in a society full of good (and not so good) things. But this, it is necessary to emphasize it in children so that they realize that, like them, there is none. Therein lies the importance of individuality!

One way to do this is to forget about comparisons between children. Every child is unique and special and should be celebrated for their individuality. Don’t compare children because they are too different to compare, and each has wonderful qualities. Find out everything you need to know about the topic that concerns us today, because it will surprise you!

What is the importance of individuality?

We start from a definition to make it a little clearer what we are talking about and that importance that we are going to emphasize so much today. We can say that it is a set of characteristics that are placed on every human being. Because they all have their own essence, something that is nothing like the person in front of us and that is what makes the difference. Each of us has that individuality that must be respected as if it were a gift. Because it is something unique and as such, we should always take care of it while promoting it. This We it helps create both the skills we have and the strengths that accompany us on our journey. For this reason, individuality will also give us the necessary impulse to act in a unique way..

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How to work individuality in children?

If you have more than one child, it is likely that even if they are twins, they will be day and night. Completely different personalities, even though they came from the same womb. And this is the magic of life. It’s nice that children are different, so we can learn from each other. No child should be more special than another, they are just different and their differences and individuality makes them great.

In order to be able to work on the individuality of children, we must therefore let their creativity come to light. We let you express yourself and as such we respect your way of thinking. (As long as it does not endanger him or his environment). We shouldn’t force him to think in a specific way, if he doesn’t think like us, he’ll be fine. You have to put him at ease and learn to say what he feels and name the taste he has in different areas every day. We also don’t forget to fully appreciate them, celebrate their successes and keep motivating them to achieve great things in life. Basically, you have to give him some freedom in a subject like this so that the naturalness is present in his tasks or games.

What does it mean to recognize our children?

That said, it seems we’re talking about recognizing it in more people and that’s not exactly what we want right now. Because ‘recognizing’ in the subject of individualism is having respect for and giving value to their tastes or the preferences that each child has. At the same time, It also encourages them in their goals and getting the best out of themselves, as well as betting on their potential, which will surely be numerous.. Because if they start to trust themselves and have that motivation that we mentioned earlier, they will successfully achieve what they set out to do. So we can say that parents play the role of ‘guide’.

Importance of individuality

Parental Mistakes on the Path of Individuality

As we have just said, the role of parents exercises the title of guide. We want to teach them the right way, but for that we have to stop ‘directing’ some situations. Since some of the most common mistakes are based on this:

  • Solve any problems or homework: We want the best for them, so we can help them teach them, but not do the work for them.
  • demand a certain rhythm: We have to let them follow their own. They have to make their own decisions as much as possible.
  • Call them names if they don’t achieve their goals: On the contrary, we must support them and give them the necessary affection so that they continue to work and ultimately achieve their goals. They must make mistakes and stumble to learn.
  • avoid your mistakes: They need to understand patience and sometimes frustration. We cannot take their papers, but advise. Because otherwise they will not appreciate the positive things of effort and hard work.
  • the equations: Don’t try to change your kids, don’t want them to be things they aren’t, otherwise they’ll just falsify their true essence. If you compare them to their brothers, you will find only resentment and hatred. The sooner you accept your child for who they are and can reach out to them to celebrate their uniqueness, the sooner the sibling will join in celebrating and supporting their sibling in their interests, hobbies, and strengths. The aim is to facilitate support within the family and parents should be the best example.

When children learn to accept individuality within the family, they will also be able to accept it outside the home. They will learn to enjoy other people even if they are different from them. That is where the basis of individuality lies!

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