How to make bows for girls


how to make bows for girls

In today’s post, we are going to try to explain how to make bows for girls in a very easy way and they look very good on you.. If you need inspiration, we leave you a previous publication where we showed you different hairstyles for girls, which can be inspired and try out new styles on your little ones.

hairstyles long hair girls

How to do hairstyles for long hair on girls

As we all know, Making hairstyles for girls is not easy, not because they do not know the technique, but because they find the right hairstyle for every occasion., age or taste of the little one. A perfect solution will be bows, a hairstyle that is used for many occasions, is very comfortable and allows girls to perform any activity.

How to make bows for girls

One of the most classic hairstyles that will allow you to pick up your daughters hair is the bun. There are different types of updos that you can do in an easy way that will help you remove the hair from your face and keep it intact all day long.

It only takes a few minutes to gather your little girl’s hair, in this type of hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if they have long hair or are one of those who choose short hairsince this kind of updos that we mention below adapt perfectly to any cut.

ballerina sandwich

ballerina sandwich

The ballerina bun is the most classic collection of this type of hairstyle. It is an updo that stands out for its elegance and is adaptable to any type of hair. It is not necessary for your little one to have long hair to do this beautiful ballerina style.

It is a tight bun and is fastened to the head with the help of hairpins so that no hair gets tangled or escapes.. To do this, the girl’s hair should be wet to comb it and make it smooth and tight. Once the hair is grouped, it’s time to shape and hold it by placing several bobby pins throughout the area.

two little bows


One of the favorite hairstyles for girls and also very practical. Thanks to this haircut, as with the previous one, you free up the area of ​​​​the little girl’s face, and also the support is firm.

First, You need to divide the little girl’s hair into two equal parts, this division is made from the area of ​​​​the forehead to the nape of the neck. Hold each of the sections using a hair elastic. Once you have the division, get to work on one of the sections of the hair.

You make a high ponytail that is well combed and gathered, and you begin to twist the hair around the rubber band that holds the ponytail. Once the hair is coiled, reattach the hair using a finer rubber band and hairpins for a better hold.. You must repeat this process with the other half of the hair. You can add some sort of fixing product to further ensure that no hair escapes.

half sandwich

half sandwich

This last type of hairstyle that we bring to you is the most different of the three. In this case, we’ll let go of the bottom part of the girl’s hair. That is, with the help of a comb we will divide the hair horizontally, from ear to ear, there is no need to be in the middle, it can be at the height that everyone likes.

The part of the crown of the girl is gathered in a small bow that remains on the top of the head, so that the hair is removed from your face and the hair will be loose without causing any discomfort. You can decorate this bun with a bow or a hair tie with a striking color or with small drawings.

These hairstyles that we have mentioned and explained to you step by step are perfect to wear on any special or casual occasion. You can put it on both your girls and your boys if they have long hair, to remove their hair from their face and not bother them.

They are easy to do and fun hairstyles. Remember that you can adapt these three hairstyles to the length of your little ones’ hair and also give them personality by adding their favorite hairpins, ribbons or hair bows.


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