Scholarships, housing: the aid to which you are entitled

A scholarship, accommodation? Create your student social file (DSE) now!

Do you want to continue your studies at the start of the next school year and are you looking for a  scholarship  or  accommodation in a university residence?  You can collect all your requests in a single step, by creating a  student social file (DSE) .

Above all, it is a question of knowing if you can benefit from a scholarship on social criteria and/or from accommodation in a university residence. Thanks to an  online simulator , you will be able to know the amount of possible aid.

Applying for a grant and/or accommodation: how does it work?

1. At any time: calculate your scholarship rights and your step via the  online simulator  ;

2. Enter your DSE application  from January 15 to May 31, for the start of the 2018 school year, even before you have the baccalaureate results, by connecting to the  portal  . With the 2017 tax notice on the family’s 2016 income, enter your DSE by following and respecting the instructions given, from the first to the last screen ( click here to consult the DSE guide ). After the complete entry of your file, you will receive an email confirming the submission of the request;

3.  48 hours later,  your file will be sent to you by email by the CROUS of the academy where you are currently studying. This Crous will be your only contact during the examination of the file, even if you wish to study in another academy;

4. Upon receipt of your file, carefully check the information and print your file, complete it or modify it by hand if necessary. Return your signed EHR and supporting documents  within 8 days to validate your request  ;

5.  After studying your file, you  will receive a response in principle from the Crous  and a (conditional) notification. It will inform you of the decision to award or reject your scholarship and/or accommodation request;

6.  From June to October, to definitively validate your file,  the Crous must imperatively receive proof of your registration in higher education. Depending on the academies, it is your future establishment that confirms your registration to the Crous or you who must take care of it yourself. Find out about the terms and conditions for sending this document to your establishment when registering!

> For any information, a single contact:

How much scholarship can you receive?

The grant based on social criteria has 8 levels (from 0 bis to 7), each corresponding to an annual grant amount:

  • Tier 0 bis:  €1,009
  • Tier 1:  €1,669
  • Tier 2:  €2,513
  • Tier 3:  €3,218
  • Tier 4:  €3,924
  • Tier 5:  €4,505
  • Tier 6:  €4,778
  • Tier 7:  €5,551

If you receive a positive opinion, during the first academic term, you will receive a scholarship paid in 10 monthly installments from September to June.

What if you are not eligible to receive a scholarship or accommodation in a university residence?

If you are not eligible to receive a grant based on social criteria or accommodation in a university residence, there are other forms of assistance:

  • The student rental deposit (CLÉ):  if you need to find accommodation other than the university residence, the CLÉ allows you, if you do not have a deposit, to benefit from that of the State. To apply, you must first register and connect to  the portal .

> All about the Key: student rental deposit

  • Other financial aid: if you cannot have a scholarship, the departments, regions, cities but also private foundations can grant you financial aid. Check with your municipality and the general council of the department where your parents live for more information on the possibilities that exist. The general councils can, for example, grant annual scholarships or honorary loans. The regions can provide support with scholarships for work placements and studies abroad, transport aid or loans. The departments can also grant interest-free loans, sometimes renewable. You can also apply for the Oséo student loan from Bpifrance, without means test or deposit. Finally, most banks offer student loans.

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