Mapping of public scholarships for higher education

Year 2022-2023: back-to-school press conferenceThe general inspection mission responsible for establishing a map of public scholarships in higher education identifies three levels of public actors who offer financial aid to students. It underlines the interest of a convergence of aid through the student social file.

The content of the report

Ministries, first and foremost that of higher education, research and innovation, award scholarships to students in training courses in their field of competence. In 2019, the MESRI thus allocated a scholarship based on social criteria (BCS) to around 710,000 students, i.e. nearly 39% of the student population enrolled in a course giving rise to the right to a scholarship. The regional councils award at least scholarships to students from health and social training that they accredit. The other local authorities (departments, cities and towns) may sometimes have set up a support system for students from their territory.

The mission recommends improving the overall readability of existing aid for students by working on the development of information at the national level but also in the establishments, to continue the analysis of student resources in order to assess in the most fine possible to what extent the existing aid responds in a relevant way to the real situations experienced by the students, the weight of the situation of living apart from the students (housing independent of the family) often appearing as a central element in their social life.

The authors

  • Olivier Rey
  • Guillaume Tronchet
  • Bruno Jeauffroy

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Mapping of public scholarships for higher education, report n° 2020-016, February 2020

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