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One of the most important events in the life of a growing family is baptism. With the baptism of the baby begins a series of relevant events that will remain in the memory of the family forever. They are unique moments that remain in time, not only through memory, but also captured in photos and various images. Has it ever happened to you that you look at old photos and wonder why you chose that garish dress for your graduation? Or why did you think of that hair on your wedding day when you always loved wearing your hair down? It is not easy to choose clothes for those important events that will stay with us forever. Any mistake can be a disaster. Whether you are the father, mother or the main character of the event, on special dates you should pay special attention to the look so as not to regret it in the future.

Emotionally charged dates also involve some nerves and anxiety. That is why I advise you to analyze the ideas and proposals very well in order to arrive at the event convinced of what they look like. Everything has to be perfect on those special days and baptism begins this saga of family events that make up the story of a family. The christening dress, the shoes, the haircut … everything is important. It is not only the child that needs to be taken into account, but the entire family group. How to reach it? We’ll help ease your anxiety with a series of tips and recommendations… to look like a magazine cover photo for the occasion!

Tips for christening dresses

Whether it is the girl or the mother – also the father or the brothers – one of the most important aspects of a baptism is the achievement of an overall harmony. That is, recreate the planned scene in every detail so that everything is perfect. The ceremony, the decoration, the banquet, the music… everything must be in harmony and in keeping with the spirit of the event and the atmosphere to be created. The baby is the main character of this story and if it is a girl, the christening dress takes a leading role. But the curious thing is that somehow it is not about choosing the appearance of the baby individually, but always in relation to the style of the event.

In other words, the great advice of this important event would be: the sum of the parts is more important than the whole. And for this, some determinations have to be made that enable the organization to start rolling. did you fall in love with a christening dress And do you want the decoration to match the look of the baby? Do you give more importance to the decoration of the place and accept that the dress is in accordance with the colors of the decoration? Maybe you like traditional weddings and baby’s dress needs to follow that line? There are many ways to think about a baptism and also to choose the baby’s dress.

You may have seen images and ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. The problem is that often with more options… more disoriented… You can start with the basic rule I told you: everything must be aligned, don’t lose the focus of this basic slogan. With this clear, you can start organizing each specific item.

traditional baptism

Traditional ceremonies are the choice of many Spanish families who dream of immortalizing the day of baptism. In that sense, the choice is not difficult. Organizing starts with knowing it’s a classic event, making it easy to choose the color palette. In that case, it is possible that the organization was simple and that traditional colors such as white, gold, light blue and pink abound depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Now it’s time to choose the family look and it might get complicated.

dress baptism

In these cases, the problem is not in the choice of color, because it is something simple: it is about returning to the traditional color palette. What should be clear is the order of relevance. And what does this mean? Well, we need to be clear that the main character is the baby, be christening dress, his special outfit with which he looks beautiful and stands out among the guests. The rest of the family has to come along in the second line, which means that you have to keep the balance between standing out and at the same time not overshadowing the main character of this happy story.

If you like religious ceremonies and you are in favor of having your child baptized, then the baptism outfit must be the right one to make it a beautiful baby. Classic suits are always a good choice for this kind of party. While there are parents who want to baptize their children when they are a little older, in most cases it is young children who will look very handsome in a typical suit or white christening gown. Of course it is possible to add some details and it is these that open the door to play with color. At least in the most classic ceremonies where white’s predominance can limit the alternatives.

Remember that the most classic and enduring over time are the skirts, here the gender of the baby does not matter, both boys and girls can wear them equally. These skirts consist of a kind of long dress, usually made of fine or hand-embroidered fabrics. They can be accompanied by a hat, socks and shoes and the correct colors are white and mother of pearl. Remember that the accessory elements can bring to life a different color palette, so it is in these details that you can play with adding other shades.

modern baptisms

If your style is more modern, your baby will be just as valuable with any outfit. If it’s a boy, it will look great with a romper, if it’s a girl, a pretty dress will make it a princess. Here is the secret not to lose sight of the fact that it is a baptism, that is, a religious ceremony in which certain flashes of color and modernity must harmonize with the spirit of a celebration that begins a religious path. In that sense, it is good to reapply the balance rule.

This means that if you like the most modern style, it is possible to work it in all the details. In this way you can play with the atmosphere of innovation without clashing. You can add a current palette in the decoration and in the souvenirs. Or opt for the brothers for a more relaxed look. Music is naturally groundbreaking, so you can choose current songs that invite you to dance.

Concerning the christening dress or the suit, today there are brands that offer modern but not eccentric alternatives. There is a catalog of options for all tastes, because you don’t always have to dress a child in white at his baptism. The current palette emphasizes the old pink that has become a very current color but at the same time is classic. Or you can combine gray with white in the case of children, another color that is also classic but current these days. If you pay close attention, the Scandinavian-style color palette, thus present in current fashion, is very suitable for baptisms so that you can be guided by it, as soft tones such as white, beige, old pink, gray predominate.

Some recommended stores in different parts of the world are:

  • Alicia Infants (Madrid).
  • First Age (Spain Online).
  • Greek baptisms (UK).
  • Nana Luna (Lima Peru)
  • Parakeet (Lima-Peru)
  • Pam-Pam Menetes (Catalonia)
  • Cocoiel (Argentina)

the mother of baptism

You may feel very excited in the baby baptism but make no mistake, remember that the main character of this celebration is the child. So even if you want to look perfect because this event is very important to you, remember this premise. Do not forget. What does this mean? That you can look perfect without overshadowing the baptized. In this sense, it is a good tip to choose simple clothes that are elegant at the same time. Choose a comfortable outfit, because you will spend many hours on your feet, with the child in your arms, taking pictures, talking with the guests, from here to there. It is important to choose an outfit that is versatile without sacrificing elegance. Comfort is another parameter to consider.

dress baptism

You can opt for an outfit that can get simpler as the hours go by, for example the ability to have a jacket in the beginning that you can take off later. A great resource to look simple yet stylish at the same time is the use of accessories. These can make the difference between a boring style and being very trendy. We are not only talking about necklaces and bracelets but also belts, scarves, hats, etc. Remember that a baptism is a religious ceremony, pay attention to the environment and avoid falsehood. A simple cocktail dress, a long flowing skirt or palazzo pants paired with a white blouse can be your best allies and that’s where accessories play a key role to add a touch of modernity. Avoid too bright colors or a style that ends up taking center stage in the scene.

In some cases, a style is chosen that matches the look of the baby, in the case of girls, the similar christening dress can inspire the look of the mother. This depends on what you want and it is a viable option that will help you organize the scene and have the baby always the protagonist. Or opt for a detail of the mother’s appearance that is present in the baby’s appearance, such as a complement. When it comes to shoes, don’t forget to pay attention to comfort. If you are a fan of high heels and you feel comfortable wearing them, wear them, but if it is not common, we recommend choosing something lower. Or start with heels and then have some ballet flats or low shoes on hand.

The same style can be followed by the honoree’s father and brothers, respecting the same decisions as in the case of the mother. The main thing is that, above all else, the baby will be beautiful on the day of his baptism, taking into account the style of the family, the comfort and above all the love present in this event that is undoubtedly one of the most special family life .

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