The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Home

emotional intelligence

There is no guide to being a good father or a good mother. But when you have a child, you embark on the journey of discovering how to become the ideal mother, which is like deciding and doing everything you think is right for a good life. to breed of your children. Communication, empathy, affection, unconditional support are some of the fundamental pillars needed to be parents raising their children with emotional intelligence.

Parents who parent with emotional intelligence are more knowledgeable about their children, but especially about themselves. Something fundamental to be able to perceive and recognize the feelings, thoughts of one and also of the other. Also to be able to empathize with other people, and especially with children: recognizing emotions.

How to raise children with emotional intelligence

When parents develop emotional intelligence at home, in addition to the benefit as parents, it is also a great long-term benefit to the child for their evolutionary and integral development. But how can we teach and develop this kind of intelligence?

acknowledging emotions

We must be able to recognize every emotion that we feel or that the people around us feel. People say that from the age of two or three, children are already aware of many of the basic emotions. As a mom or dad, we should try to ask him what’s going on with him, be by his side and even express what you feel when he sees him or her like this.

understand emotions

Once the little ones know what they are, the next step is to try and make them understand them. This happens around the age of 5 or 6. It remains only to explain to them that what they feel are reactions to something they like or dislike. That’s why always you have to find the origin that makes this really happen.

Control anger and other emotions

Perhaps one of the things that worries us most is anger. That’s why we have to help them control all the emotions they feel. Although it is not an easy task, give him time and let him express himself so that he let go of everything that led him to that state. To calm him, we will also do it through games, breathing techniques, etc.

learn to motivate

Motivation is one of the most positive things we have in life. Therefore, it is vital that the little ones begin to recognize it from their first years of life. with motivation they will see things from different points of view, they will have more energy and they will know how to manage all the problems The best possible way. We will talk to them about their dreams, their tastes and expectations. Help them in every way possible.

How the family affects emotional development

How the family affects emotional development

Parents who take care of their own personal and emotional development can understand important concepts such as:

  • Love
  • The care
  • to be worried
  • Safety
  • assertive communication
  • And what’s even better… you can pass it on to your children.

Children learn through imitation and what they see at home will be what they internalize in their personality to be a more or less successful adult in the future. Success is not achieved with material goods or having more money, success is achieved by appreciating the things that life offers us every morning when we wake up. Therefore, we can say that the family is a mirror for the little ones. They look at themselves in that mirror and will try to follow some of those patterns that they see reflected. The influence of the family is therefore of vital importance for minors. Therefore, if we want to help them, we will have to follow some steps.

For example, we should not hide the love we have for each other and always show respect, as well as the love we feel for each other. Of course also it is important for emotional development, being able to spend time with children. They should always be in our plans and spend quality time on them. Every moment spent with family counts. Because the little ones in them can learn values ​​like gratitude, honesty or teamwork and many more.

How to be an emotionally intelligent mother?

How to be an emotionally intelligent parent?

Maybe it’s a bit of repeating ourselves of the above, but it’s worth remembering. Because to be a good father or mother with emotional intelligence, we must be in our daily life. Namely, practice by example before teaching it to our children. Therefore, we must recognize the feelings that other people have for us, but we must not judge or label them. But we have to make everyone feel free or suffer.

Another one of the perfect steps is: always build an environment of trust. Because that’s how the people around you (later the children) know that they are counting on you to talk candidly about everything that happens. Let them talk and always offer your shoulder when they need it. Putting yourself in the shoes of others is empathy, which while many people know how to recognize it, not all of them practice by example. So go for it, because it’s really important. Finally, techniques or methods are sought to deal with these emotions, when they are not the most positive.

Emotional intelligence in the education of children should be simple and true every day, in everyday life. For this you have to being in touch with one’s own feelings and being able to recognize them such as understanding why we scream, why we get angry, why we laugh, etc. In this way we must have permission to feel, cry, hug, fight, laugh, make mistakes, listen to others and ourselves, forgive, to to ask forgiveness, to talk about feelings, to love, to understand… to evolve.

emotional or intellectual intelligence

Which is more important in a family: intellectual or emotional intelligence?

All parents want their children to get good grades, study and get an education, and this is definitely positive. If they do all this but lack empathy, don’t know how to interact with others, or don’t know how to deal with their feelings, will they have the expected success? Well, it must be said that neither intellectual intelligence is important in itself, nor emotional intelligence. They are necessary, they are complementarybecause the one will reinforce the other. Both can be earned through effort, work, and putting into practice what has been learned. So if the two come together, the future of the little ones will indeed take a positive shape. What happens is that sometimes not all the necessary tools are put into emotional intelligence, or maybe not as much as intellectual intelligence. Balance is the basis for a healthier life!

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