The importance of prenatal nutrition

Importance of nutrition during pregnancy

Did you know that nutrition is especially important during the prenatal period? But why? Maternal nutrition is the basis for a healthy pregnancy and of course for the good health of the baby. It is that good nutrition during pregnancy is the most important and that is why we talk about prenatal nutrition.

We can say that it is the cornerstone of the pregnancy itself and also of the moment of birth. So we can say that it affects the whole process from minute one. That’s why, everything you eat or drink affects your baby’s growth. Therefore, we just need to emphasize the importance of prenatal nutrition, of which you will know everything you need below.

What is meant by prenatal nutrition?

The moment will come when you find out that you are pregnant. A mixture of nerves, illusion and fear. But we will enjoy the process step by step and as such the first step to climb is that of prenatal nutrition. This new phase requires more nutrients than you normally take in and that change, for the better, will benefit both of you. But what exactly is our food? Well it’s pretty easy because a balanced diet should be followed. It is true that your doctor should always have the last word, but we will tell you that in this diet you can consume protein and healthy fats as well as minerals.

Healthy dishes for pregnant women

What should prenatal nutrition be like?

It is true that prenatal nutrition in general already follows the basics of a balanced and basic diet. In other words, well-washed vegetables as well as protein and whole grains will be present. But since it is a slightly different stage, we have to pay attention to certain vitamins and minerals.

  • Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins during pregnancy. It helps prevent certain congenital problems and for this reason it is recommended to take it before trying to conceive. Although it is found in some foods such as spinach or oranges, it is true that we will not get the amount we need. In fact, it is usually taken as a supplement.
  • the calcium: We need calcium for both bones and teeth. But it is also necessary that the circulatory system and the muscular system work perfectly. Without forgetting that it also helps to avoid preeclampsia. Dairy as well as broccoli, salmon and cabbage contain good amounts of calcium.
  • Vitamin D also plays a major role in combination with calcium. So it also helps us to strengthen the bones. Eggs and fish are sources of this vitamin and as such we must take them into consideration.
  • Proteins: for a good growth of our small or small, proteins must also be taken into account. although we already have them in a basic diet, now more than ever. You already know that white meat as well as beans or nuts are a great source of them.
  • When we are pregnant we need iron twice. We need more oxygen passing through the blood to nourish our baby. So if you do not have iron reserves, anemia can occur and with it certain headaches. But if it’s more severe, it can affect the baby, causing an early delivery or low birth weight. Remember that spinach and grains contain iron.

Consequences of poor nutrition

How does maternal malnutrition affect the fetus during pregnancy?

It is true that we should always put ourselves in expert hands and for this we should always ask our doctor who can adapt the diet to our needs. That said, if there is malnutrition there will also be a range of consequences that can be quite drastic.

  • Babies are more likely to develop diseases long-term, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • The head circumference is smaller than normal.
  • congenital disabilities.
  • Increased mortality at time of delivery.
  • Low IQ.
  • Less coordination.
  • For the mother there are also consequences such as bleeding, abortion or placental abruption.

For all this and more, a woman’s status is also essential to harbor a new life. Because the development of the fetus is related to those nutrients that the mother has. This allows for faster and healthier growth. Bet on a healthy pregnancy!

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