Ideas to Decorate Your Baby’s Birthday Table

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Our western culture loves to celebrate children’s birthdays because they are practically born. Celebrating life always means joy, reunion and a communion of good wishes so that that boy or girl grows up surrounded by love and good health.

Today, like never before, there is a whole industry around birthday celebrations and parents don’t have to resort to crafts to organize and decorate the entire party. Between applications and stores, we have ideas and products at our disposal. Therefore, as your child’s birthday approaches, we’ll leave some for you Ideas to decorate your baby’s birthday table.

How do I decorate my baby’s birthday table?

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When our son or daughter is already a certain age and has certain tastes, it can be much easier for us to decorate everything, the table and the whole party. Do you like Marvel, do you like Disney, are you a fan of anime? Then one looks for objects and decorations and that’s it. But what happens when he’s still a baby? And if it runs nothing more and nothing less than a year?

Maybe some balloons and a billboard are good solutions, but then our concentration is on the birthday table, where we will be taking almost all the important photos of the event. Around her we sing “Happy Birthday”, blow out the candles, cut the cake and pose with other family members. So yes, the table should not be missing in the decoration. Here are a few ideas to decorate the birthday table.

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It doesn’t matter if you are planning a big celebration for this first birthday or a more intimate one, between family and friends, there are really cute ways to decorate the birthday table.

A nice birthday doesn’t have to go hand in hand with hype, you can keep it all simple, colorful and fun at the same time. Baby won’t necessarily pick up the big decorations (balloons everywhere, clear plates), so we can balance the decorations.

  • Primary colors: red, yellow and blue are primary colors. You can use them for birthday decorations and it’s a simple and instant way to brighten up the home and table in particular. A classic, disposable plastic tablecloth is even a good idea, in one primary color with balloons of the other primary colors tied to the legs or seats. You can also use paper of these colors with the baby’s name written on it, a letter on each sheet of paper, for example by hanging them over a door or on the table itself. And you can combine all this with glasses, plates and napkins.
  • Season colors: Another very simple style of birthday decoration is to decorate the house and table with seasonal colors, always taking into account the time of year when the birth took place. You can decorate the room or the table in primary colors: red, yellow or orange if it is autumn, more neon colors if it is spring and summer, blue if it is more winter.
  • Animals: Ducks are always fun and you can decorate your baby’s birthday table with ducks: the yellow tablecloth, the plates, napkins and glasses you buy online, dolls that make noise. And if you have a little more money, you can buy several rubber ducks and add them to the decoration. And they can even be a guest souvenir. You can do the same with dinosaurs.
  • Balloons: balloons are a very welcome classic. Cheap and fun. If you don’t have pets they are much better. You can form an arch to hang over the table, you can decorate the whole table with balloons or make a small pool full of balloons for your kid or the other kids to play with for a while. Balloons from everywhere!
  • handmade decorations: We said in the beginning that nowadays everything is available online and in stores, but we can also make the decorations ourselves or with guests. If there are many children, sometimes our friends have children and children are everywhere, then we can put out blank paper and markers, pencils and crayons for their enjoyment. Among these handmade decorations you can add musical instruments: maracas, drums…
  • place a green tablecloth to simulate the lawn, disposable cups in green will also be distributed on it, on which colored flowers are glued (some cups already have the printed design). Napkins should be colorful and colored flowers can also be added to plates.
  • About a yellow tablecloth, place white plates and glasses with motifs of stars and sea shells, you can leave a blue stripe on the tablecloth, on which drawings of ships and boats can be applied, simulating the coast. In this motif, the glass straws in the shape of umbrellas can carry.
  • About a white tablecloth, draw ants, butterflies or some other funny insect and outline the path it took to get there with black dotted lines. This work can be done only on the sides or on the entire tablecloth. When choosing the ants, the glasses are very nice in red with black dots (or big moles in black).

Of course, these table decorations must coincide with those of the room in general, otherwise it will be in very bad taste, poorly assembled. For this reason it is suggested choose a particular topic and create the representation of ideas from there.

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Finally, if you’re not a kindergarten teacher don’t worry, you can keep a pretty classic color scheme, choose blue or pink, or rainbow and add more colors, just use big balloons and if they float better, if you can. animals also add up and if they already have a favorite (a book, a toy, space motifs such as stars and planets), you can always add this to the decoration so that feel the birthday table a place not strange but closer.

And not for the child, but for the guests we can record our own first year as parents. How? In a corner we can hang or paste some pictures of that short but intense journey that are the first months of a person: birth, their first kilos, how they took the breast or the bottle, one picture sleeping, another crying… those kind of things.

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